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50% Discount for FIFA 17 Coins and Coins Account PS4 and XB1 - Upfifacoins FIFA 17 Pack Simulator

Want to get the biggest discount for fifa 17 coins? Now our FIFA 17 Pack Simulator has updated, login your member account and free open the fifa 17 packs on upfifacoins.com, top 20 pack openers win free cash code 4.99 USD everyday, enjoy up to 50% discount for FIFA 17 Coins and FIFA 17 Coins Account...


Features and Review About The PUBG VSS Sniper Rifle and Motorbike in PUBG Month 2 Update 3

Features Of The New PUBG VSS Sniper Rifle and Motorbike in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Month 2 Update

PUBG finally push forward their second monthly upgrade patch on 1PM UTC / 3PM CEST / 6AM PDT / 10PM KST, May 26. On the PUBG Month 2 Patch Notes which posted on PUBG official site has shown that some bugs have been repaired, some sounds have been improved and Thai language has been included within t...


PUBG Button and MAP TIPS- Press Key Guide and Best Loot Spots

PUBG Button and MAP TIPS: Press Key Guide and Best Loot Spots

PUBG Button Guide - Basic Operation 1. Before opening the parachute, down your and hold down W to accelerate the vertical drop, which can help you land earlier than others. 2. Before opening the parachute, forward your angle, keep 125km / h speed, hold down W, you can fly far. 3. Release W and pre...



PUBG Tutorial for Precisely Locating Enemies According to Their Footsteps

How to locate enemies according to their footsteps in PUBG? In PUBG, you can locate enemies according to their footsteps. It sounds awesome doesn't it! Detailed steps are as follows.    First, download the installing software.    Second, 7.1 audio test      &nb...


resident evil 7-1


Whether you have been tired of the game in your Steam Account? Whether you are still annoyed as you can not afford a new game in the Steam store? Or you are thinking about which new game you should to take in this summer? Do not worry, our beloved friend Gabe Newell has already figured out for us, a...



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