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Diablo III Reaper of Souls: Materials of Crafting Legendary Items Sharing


In the Diablo III Reaper of Souls, there are lots of traditional crafted legendary items has improved to Lvl 70. If you want to get these legendary items, you need the extra unique crafting materials. So, how to get it? We are glad to share the materials of crafting legendary items here,


Cinder Switch

This two-handed legendary axe is not the heavy weapon, all classes can can equip with it. Not only it can increase the fire damage, but also it own 5 random magic properties. Now, we are glad to share the crafting recipe here.



Flesh Render 1 pc. (The drop rate in Garden of Hope is high)
Arcane Dust  50 pcs.
Veiled Crystal 20 pcs.
Forgotten Soul 1 pc.
Death’s Breath 1 pc.
Living Flame  1 pc.


There are several method to get Living Flame. First, in the ACT4 of explore mode, you can encounter the Sal’Thall, Embodiment of Hatred. After you killed the Sal’Thall that you have chance to get legendary materials Living Flame. Second, the monster of Rhau’Kye, the eye of flame would drop living flame, he usually appear on the Sliver Spire Level 2. Thirdly, the Malfeas the Abhorrent, Hand of Corruption would appear on Radiant Chapel Level 2, it will drop living flame.


Legendary Sunder

The Legendary Sunder has 5 random properties, and fire damage bonus. Like other crafted legendary weapon, you should prepare a normal two hand axe Persuader and some unique materials. The sample Legendary sunder like this picture.



Persuader 1pc.
Arcane Dust 50 pcs.
Veiled Crystal 20 pcs.
Forgotten Soul 1 pc.
Death’s Breath 1 pc.
Quaking Vial 1 pc.


The Quaking Vial is the most important material that you can get it in Hell Rift to kill Hammersmash and Sledge.


The Cain’s Destiny Set (The old version is Cain’s Fate )

New Cain’s set have four items, each one has 6 magic properties. You can get it through Blacksmith.


Ascended Helm 1 pc.
Flawless Imperial Ruby 1 pc.
Veiled Crystal 20 pcs.
Forgotten Soul 1 pc.
Death’s Breath 1 pc.
Maghda’s Tormented Soul 1 pc.


Maghda’s Tormented Soul is the special crafting material can use to craft the new Cain’s Destiny Set. You can get this material from Maghad in Explore Mode. Of course, the high difficulty has high drop rate.

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