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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: Fast Parachuting Skill and Loot Location in PUBG You Need Know
TAG : 4/19/2017 2:51:53 PM

It is a great game highlight point choose where to parachuting! The Parachute is a default item that players are equipped with at the start of each game. It's used to drift down from the plane to the play area, and it immediately disappears after landing. You can choose to land in a resource-rich military base, kill a way in the bloody blaze a trial, play this way may like H1Z1 players; Of course, you can choose the sparsely populated, resource-poor at the wretched development slowly grow their own. It has been useful for me at the start of games for getting geared up in areas that are not as populated with people dropping. So there are some tips about Parachuting and Loot locations in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.

You want to jump out the plane and push yourself in the direction you want to go using your forward key "W" by default. After you have pushed yourself in the direction as soon as you see your release parachute key pop up that it can be pressed, you want to press it at that point.

Once the parachute has been deployed you want to swing yourself back and forth just as if you you were on a swing set by holding the forward key and then letting it go as your feet come back. Just repeat this until you reach your goal. You can also adjust when you release the parachute of course if the distance is not as far. 

Although the location of the aircraft is random, but also a regular. Aircraft flight within the route must be in the first wave of radiation through the circle. Live the first point, do not parachute in advance. Into the island range can be prompted by F. You can adjust the third person perspective to see the back of the plane.

1. Do not advance release parachute, wait until the middle of the island or the end of the jump. Skip the map before skydiving, right to mark the location to go. Jump to the big city, or the aircraft route is far from the location.

2. Do not open the umbrella in advance, so that he automatically open, or will suffer, and may be under someone who took the gun waiting for you to land it.

3. Generally the roof of the house, the roof has a gun, parachute off the roof, then the quasi-direct kill. Military base material is also a lot. Triangle (the middle of a circular flower bed where) three buildings searched a wave, which often brush 8 times mirror 4 times mirror, all kinds of guns. And, you need note the next to the north side of the road.

4. Next to the tower a row of high places are also more material. The rest of the big city, the material certainly more than the town, and people more.

Last, We UPITEMS share two video about Parachuting and loot locations in Battlegounds, it is very help you! First One is 5 Tips And Tricks About Parachuting In BATTLEGROUNDS from Vault Dude, we add 3 points in the last.

#6 The plane travels faster than you free falling/gliding. So if you have a specific housing section you wish to go. Deploy from the plane at the shortest distance to the target.

#7 If you wish to glide a far distance mark the area on your map. When you deploy from the plane use the marker on your compass while aiming straight up to increase glide distance to the target location.

#8 When #7 is achieved use free look to observe opponents also free falling/gliding to adjust location if needed.

Second Video also about Parachuting and Loot Locations from Zonky The Donkey, nice video, helpful tips on setting yourself up for success at the start of a Playerunknown's Battlegrounds round!

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