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New PUBG Custom Game / Match - FPS Snipers in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
TAG : 4/27/2017 2:13:59 PM

With the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds update, the new PUBG Custom Game is live in Public Test Server, where players can create a custom match, featuring is one of the most requested additions (aside from balancing, FPS, and reduced lag).

PUBG Custom Game

How to create a PUBG Custom Game?

Notes: now Create a custom match of public test server is only available to developers and 80+ PUBG partners. Custom match creation will likely be rolled out to the public in a later update.

But, you can still join a custom match even if you're not a PUBG partner. To locate the custom match option in Battlegrounds, hover over the “Play” button on the upper left corner of your screen, then click on the bottom option that says “Custom Match.”

This will let you view a list of custom matches created by other players, developers, and PUBG partners. In the title of each custom match, you can get an idea of the unique game parameters. If a custom match is open and doesn't require a password (no lock symbol on the right), click on it to enter into the custom match. Note that if the match has already started, you won't be able to join that custom match.

If you're looking to create your own custom match, you will have to wait until the feature is fully introduced for all Battlegrounds members (not just devs and PUBG partners). Custom match parameters can include everything from altering the weather to first-person only modes. OK, here is the PUBG Custom Game: FPS Snipers Only from JoshOG YouTuber, one of the best PUBG gamer! Enjoy PUBG Custom Match!

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