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Whether you prefer to play solo or with friends, or side with the Alliance or the Horde, there's much fun and adventure to be had in World of Warcraft.If you need the help of WOW Gold,Goldah.com offers the safest World of warcrfat Gold at unbeatable prices.
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  • new achievement of wod 6.2 tanaan jungel - jungle stalker

    New Achievement of WOD 6.2 Tanaan Jungel - Jungle Stalker

    Defeat 30 rare bosses in Tanaan Jungle of WOD 6.2, can get the new achievement "Jungle Stalker", do you know and get it? And where you can find these rare boss? Although the map of Tanaan Jugle is small, but there are many new things and mysteries worthy of you to explore. There are 50 rare bosse...


  • Do you still remember those Fallen WOW Heroes?

    Do you still remember those Fallen WOW Heroes?

    As a veteran of world of warcraft players, there are too many experienced and memories in 9 - 10 years. Too many wow NPC heroes have disappeared before never say goodbye. Memories over the years, there are many heroes give us left an enduring impression, do you still remember them? Bolvar Fo...


  • news image

    WOW 6.2 PTR Shipyard: How to Solve Shipwrecks After Dangerous Mission Failed

    Everyone knows we can use the maximum of 5 ships at the same times in WOW 6.2 shipyard, and can not have the same type ships, meanwhile the extra ship only can be used as an alternate. Now today we will teach you how to solve the shipwrecks problem in World of Warcraft. Why your ships will shipwrec...


  • WOD 6.2 PTR: How to Get Peal of Farahlon For Lv735 Legendary Rings

    With the update of WOD 6.2 PTR, believe everyone want to get the LV735 legendary rings which can add 25% buff in World of Warcraft, it is so amazing. How to get these rings? You have to complete the Khadgar's final task and get 3 wow quest items (Tome of Chaos, Pearl of Farahlon, Soaked Ogre Decoder...



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